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Facebook Chat has the potential to disrupt the current IM landscape

I have used Facebook Chat a few times now and think it is only an update away from disrupting the incumbent Instant Messaging products (MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk, ...). With the introduction of Facebook Chat I have found myself in discussions with people that I do not currently have on any of my IM clients and haven't chatted to in years other than very asynchronous messages now and then. Due to the large community of Facebook I think this has the potential to therefore really be useful to many. Facebook Chat currently relies on a user having Facebook up and this being the current focus, but as soon as: a) the web client is unleashed from this constraint, b) Facebook provides an alternative desktop client and/or message alert, or better yet c) Facebook opens up the API for all then I think we will see a decline in IM client use or IM client vendors rapidly trying to provide a frontend for Facebook. With Microsoft's investment in Facebook, perhaps there is already work going on behind

First blog post

I thought it was about time that I created a blog to ramble on about technology, trends in the Online space, Social Media, and anything else I felt worthy of writing about. Yeah, yeah, I know I've been a bit slow off the mark to create a blog, but I'm finally here! I've written a couple of posts over at previously and will continue to use that for my postings on Food & Wine.