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WebStock 2011 - Conference day two

Yet another excellent day of thought provoking presentations.  Big thanks to the conference organisers, helpers and presenters for such an excellent event.

For my notes from yesterday check out “WebStock 2011 - Conference day one”.  The collaborative note taking effort was also in action again today at .
Marco Arment @marcoarment Do your own thing
Co-founder of Tumblr, Founder of InstapaperIt’s never too late to edit for the good of your productWhat to build oYou don’t need to cater to geeks §We’re not loyal and will jump to new products §We’re unnecessary as an audience; we’re very small oBe useful to non-geeks
You don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) rely on another service oDon’t give your power away. §E.g. using Facebook for login oYou need them for everything and they use you for nothing oNo service is universal oYou can take advantage of services without requiring them §E.g. send to Flickr
Be useful to the first user o“A wonderful nonstick frying pan is useful eve…

WebStock 2011 - Conference day one

The Webstock 2011 conference kicked off today at the Wellington Town Hall.  This is the second time I have attended this superbly designed and organised conference.  The description on the Webstock site sums up nicely what Webstock is all about:
“Webstock is a range of web-related events with the aim of improving how websites are built through inspiration, education, insightful analysis and practical application. It features industry leaders and kick-ass speakers talking on topics such as accessibility, web standards, usability and other best practices.” Here is my synopsis of Day One.  There was also an excellent collaborative note taking effort that can be found at .
Mike Brown @maupuia Opening and welcome
It’s the small things that make us connect and share.Having somebody on stage signing for the deaf is nice to see.
Frank Chimero @fchimero The Digital Campfire
We’re going from less robotic to more human.Universal theory of stuff: oThe Message oThe Tone oThe Form…