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Book Review of “Cloud Application Architectures”

“ Cloud Application Architectures: Building Applications and Infrastructure in the Cloud ” by George Reese is more of an Amazon EC2 and S3 user manual than covering Cloud Application Architecture in general. Having said that I did find that it still did have some good content although in many areas it was very high level.  Some diagrams were also missing from my copy. There was a good Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services overview.  Cloud ROI, Monitoring & Management, and reiteration that Laws need to be considered were also covered, as were development implications, and in particular multiple-server transaction management. If you want an overview of Amazon Web Services, EC2 and S3 then this book may be right for you.

Simple Motel services that make a difference & St Ives Motel

We have been staying at the St Ives Motel in Hobart for the past few days and there are a number of small little touches that this basic but clean motel about 10 minutes walk from Salamanca Place has that would cause us to strongly consider returning. Broadband : Whilst the broadband is not free, it is very reasonable at 5 cents per MB download.  There is not wireless available, however there is an Internet connection point in our room and there is also a computer available for use down at reception (for no additional cost than the MB) and free printing. Mini Bar : Mini Bar’s are notorious for being ridiculously priced.  The prices here however are just what you would pay if you at the liquor shop, which is in fact right next door. Continental Breakfast : At AU$3 per person for a Continental Breakfast Pack that contains Bread for Toast, a spread for the Toast, a pack of Cereal and Milk, this is very well priced. Phone Calls : Local calls at 15 cents for the call, and Internati