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Exporting from OpenOffice Base database to SQL

I was wanting to export the contents and design of an Base database to SQL with the intent of migrating to MySQL. I struggled to find out how to do this, but finally found out how. To generate an SQL file that contains both the contents and the data of the database I used the following command from the “Tools –> SQL…” menu: SCRIPT 'C:\temp\file.sql' When I tried to write it to the C:\ root directory I got a security error, but using another directory worked fine. Thanks to for pointing me in the right direction. Incidentally, on my way to the final solution I also came across the following command to generate a CSV file of a table’s contents: SELECT * INTO TEXT "output_csv_file_name" FROM "table_name" The version of OpenOffice I was using was 3.3.0 – OOO330m20 (Build:9567) and I running this on a Windows 7 machine.

NZSki is making great use of RFID to enhance customer service

I went skiing yesterday and was impressed with how NZSki is using RFID to enhance customer service. I started the day by going into the Queenstown Snowcentre to buy a ticket for the bus up to Coronet Peak. Instead I found I could buy my ticket for skiing as well, which was great. The queue was short and when I got to the counter I was asked if I had used NZSki before. I hadn’t, so the person serving me proceeded to ask my name, took my photo, and casually asked me where I was from. Before I knew it, a plastic re-usable pass for the mountain had been printed for me with my name on it, a reference number and the fact I was an Adult and Male. NB: Reference number blanked out in picture. After a 25 minute bus ride, I was at Coronet Peak and then proceeded to the chair lift. What I then found was that at every chairlift and t-bar I went to during the day there was a gate to go through where you needed to hold your pass up to (typically there were 5 gates, one for each seat). Thi