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Sagemcom RM50 Internet Radio Review

I have been trialling the Sagemcom RM50 Internet Radio since Friday and had mixed success. Functionality overview The RM50 enables you to listen to more than 13,000 Internet radio stations around the world, conventional FM stations and audio within your home network via Wifi (in theory).  The “Smart Random” function gives the listener the possibility of random access to other radio stations of the same genre as those most frequently listened to.  There’s also an alarm clock. Installation Getting basic Internet connectivity The theory is that you turn it on, enter your Wifi information and you’re away.  Well that may work for many people, however I found it not to be as simple, possibly due to: having a hidden SSID, and having mixed case in the name of my SSID. I tried entering in the Wifi SSID and password manually twice with no success (although did note that I could not get lowercase when entering the SSID, it was however there for the password).  I even doub