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Webstock – New Zealand’s Web Conference – Day 2

I had a great day at Webstock on Day 1 and below is my synopsis of Day 2, which was also excellent. If you get the opportunity to attend Webstock, do it. Some of the key themes from the conference can be summarised as: Build with love, use common reusable blocks, deploy quickly, deploy often, listen to explicit and implicit feedback from real users, understand what their needs are (not what they say they are), consider social and ethical impacts. Repeat. The Lean Startup Eric Ries ( @ericries ) #leanstartup Slides can be found at Why build a startup? Change the world Build an organisation of lasting value Make customers' lives better Pivot: change directions but stay grounded in what you've launched

Webstock – New Zealand’s Web Conference – Day 1

I had heard lots of great stuff about Webstock in previous years so decided to go along this year to experience it for myself. This is a very professional conference and has (mostly) excellent speakers covering a variety of Web related technologies. Here’s my synopsis of Day 1. Opening Mike Brown ( @maupuia ) You will fall in love with things that are made with love Web Design that grabs people Scott Thomas ( @simplescott ) – Design Director for Obama's campaign Web and Print overlap in campaign Deliver clear and concise messaging, focussed on the “We” rather than the “He” Keep the message of hope while dismantling the notion of being aloof Establish a consistency and balance to exemplify stability and experience Persuading people was the mission of the home page therefore needed to be prominent, with localised information Spend more time researching than design Information