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Moving Firefox Profile to another drive or directory: How-to

In many organisations a user's Profile size is restricted to a certain size and there is a constant juggling act to try and keep under your Profile quota. Firefox is an example of one application that was taking up lots of space in my quota, but I found that there is a nice and easy way to relocate the Firefox Profile to another drive or directory. Check out Mozilla's Step-by-step instructions for how to do this. This worked fine for me using Firefox v3.0.8 on Windows XP.

Make it easy for your product to be evaluated

I often evaluate products to determine their fit to the requirements I am trying to address.  I do find however that I am often disappointed at how hard it is to find the information I am looking for. I tend to have lists of functional, technical, operational, commercial and financial criteria I am trying to assess against and the first step is to identity a list of Solution Option candidates upon which I will then rapidly do an initial assessment and triage. My ideal is to be able to easily find one or two pages that contain the majority of the information I am looking for.  Some sites however make it a very painful process.  Having to watch a video or look through piles of documentation is not desirable. is a great example of what is good; this is a simple page that contains lots of useful information, and links to further detail.  I was using a major Software vendors site recently and knew they had a product covering what I was looking for, but cou