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Adobe AIR development (from a rusty developer)

Platforms such as Adobe AIR are making the Operating System less important; as I articulated previously in " Operating Systems are becoming less important to Consumers ". I decided to have a bit of a play to see how easy it was to build an Adobe AIR application. Getting the basics going My first stop was the very useful Adobe AIR Developer Center , which contains lots of really good information (docs, videos, downloads, ...). I had already noted from a previous search that Aptana Studio (which I had installed) had an Adobe AIR plugin, so I installed that directly from the tool. That was nice and easy and I therefore had a working IDE up and running in minutes. Information about the features of the Adobe AIR plugin for Aptana Studio can be found here . I simply started a new Project, went with all the standard defaults, including the incorporation of a Sandbox application. Once the Project was created, I clicked the Play button in Aptana and it worked fine. It was just