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Adobe AIR development (from a rusty developer)

Platforms such as Adobe AIR are making the Operating System less important; as I articulated previously in "Operating Systems are becoming less important to Consumers". I decided to have a bit of a play to see how easy it was to build an Adobe AIR application.

Getting the basics going

My first stop was the very useful Adobe AIR Developer Center, which contains lots of really good information (docs, videos, downloads, ...). I had already noted from a previous search that Aptana Studio (which I had installed) had an Adobe AIR plugin, so I installed that directly from the tool. That was nice and easy and I therefore had a working IDE up and running in minutes.

Information about the features of the Adobe AIR plugin for Aptana Studio can be found here.

I simply started a new Project, went with all the standard defaults, including the incorporation of a Sandbox application. Once the Project was created, I clicked the Play button in Aptana and it worked fine. It was just too easy…