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Book Review: “Mark Zuckerberg: Ten Lessons in Leadership”

I was sceptical that “Mark Zuckerberg: Ten Lessons in Leadership” by Michael Essany would be worth reading, but decided to give it a go anyway. It isn’t a large book, but the documentary style works well and I found it in fact contained good practical advice including inspiration to get out there and make a difference, leveraging mentors, getting started, focusing on the idea first and details later and many other great pearls of wisdom. The key points I noted were: When popularity supplants passion at the forefront of the entrepreneur’s mind, the likelihood of success rapidly diminishes. Live your regular life and just try to build stuff that matters. The most successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow will be those who take to the next level that which we have today. If you want to be the next Steve Jobs, you're not required to invent anything in order to do that. You simply have to listen, observe, and innovate. Young entrepreneurs are notorious for idolizing the