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TOGAF 9 - dry, but some good content

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a framework - a detailed method and a set of supporting tools - for developing an enterprise architecture, developed by members of The Open Group Architecture Forum. To say that the TOGAF 9 documentation is dry is an understatement. Some areas are lacking in depth and whilst TOGAF is a process framework I would like to see it evolve to have templates, document samples and checklists. There is however some good content and I will be referring back.

Webstock 2011 Presentation

I have uploaded a presentation outlining the key points from each session I attended at Webstock to Slideshare.  Enjoy! Webstock 2011 View more presentations from Simon Gianoutsos This is an accompaniment to the two previous blog posts I have compiled on Webstock 2011: WebStock 2011 - Conference day one WebStock 2011 - Conference day two