Why is my Powerpoint 2002/2003 file so big? How big (MB) is each slide? A solution...

I had an oversized Powerpoint 2003 presentation even after doing the tips and tricks I was aware of.  After a bit of searching I came across two excellent resources:
  1. Why are my PowerPoint files so big? What can I do about it?
  2. Bill's SizeMe Add-in
The first link contains myriad information that is useful.  Bill's SizeMe Add-in (works with PowerPoint 2002 (XP) and PowerPoint 2003) is easy to install with the excellent documentation on the website and the amount of information generated about each slide surprised me.

It does take a while to churn through the slides (and it's a good idea to use a copy of your original presentation), however it does result it a break down of each component on a slide.  The information can be viewed from within the Powerpoint itself or within Excel where it is easy to see where the bloat is coming from through the sorted raw data and graphs.


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