How Social Media applications helped me this vacation

The end of my Summer vacation has come to an end, but it is interesting to think back on how this holiday was different from others, primarily due to the use of Social Media.

Social Media applications are based around the concept of user-generated content and include the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Photo sharing and Review sites, all of which I utilised this holiday period.

We spent the holiday period in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand in a few different locations (the Waikato, Whitianga, Napier & Taupo). At these locations we often did not know what restaurants and cafes were good, so other than just using the Internet for what to do in an area, we used (a restaurant/cafe review site with user-generated content) extensively to validate or find what restaurants and cafes we wanted to try. I also submitted my own reviews for a large number of the places we visited to dineout (see here for my reviews).

Jane & I also wrote a number of blog entries over on our Food, Wine & Family blog at reviewing wine, food and whatever else we were up to which did include sorbet and icecream making (in reverse order):
We also uploaded a number of photos to flickr (and Jane's) with mine also being linked through to facebook. This combined with me tweeting where we were, what we were doing, that a new blog post was up or that I had uploaded photos, generated a number of comments from friends/followers and suggestions of where to go for dinner (Thanks again to Rachel and Dave).

Uploading photos to Flickr and Facebook we found to be a great way to share our daily experiences and by tagging people in photos on Facebook an easy way to share pictures with people we caught up with along the way.

A well-enjoyed "connected" holiday...


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