Reciprocal Status Updates between Facebook and Twitter

John Battelle raised a discussion on his blog on the connection between Twitter and Facebook for status updates, and that Twitter is a Facebook Application but Facebook is not a Twitter application (but should be). I totally agree.

I update my Facebook status with my Twitter updates and have found that it has generated some good discussions on Facebook. This is however a one way update and conversations do not span across both systems which is not ideal.

I predominantly have a different set of people on Facebook than Twitter, so find that sharing the status works well for invigorating discussion. It would however be nice to be having one conversation, and not conversations independently on each platform.

The thread based approach of comments on Facebook aids in providing more structure that Twitter could benefit from, and for conversations to nicely span across both platforms, I think this needs to be addressed. Between this and Facebook Connect, I think there is a solution if the various parties want it to happen.


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