My base Windows install

I have just gone through the process of setting up a new Windows PC and thought I would jot down the current applications I have installed:
  • The machine came with XP pre-installed and, for now at least, I've decided to keep it.
  • Downloaded the latest Windows Updates
  • Installed Firefox, with the add-ons of Delicious and IE Tab
  • Tweetdeck (which also installed Adobe Air)
  • Upgraded the Flash Player (when prompted by the browser)
  • Installed AVG Anti-virus Free and removed the previous anti-virus solution
  • Irfanview

In terms of other software I expect to install in the imminent future:
  • Notepad++
  • Open Office
  • Video viewing software and codecs as required
  • Canon Camera Software
  • WAMP Server (for if I decide I want to do development on the machine)


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